A customer has emailed you through the Focal platform about booking one of your packages. Now you want to create a booking for them so that they can pay and confirm.

Gather the necessary booking information from emailing with the customer:

  1. Package they want to book
  2. Date & time of the photoshoot
  3. Meeting spot (Text or Google Maps Link)
  4. Any discounts or add-ons

Click the Bookings tab in your Focal Admin dashboard and click the New Booking button

Now you are in the Booking Editor. To create a booking and send your customer a link to it:

  1. Click the Date and Time Box
  2. Choose the Date
  3. Choose the Time by selecting the bottom square below the calendar, it will highlight when you hover your cursor over it.
  4. Fill in the Customer Email box. This is the email that your online invoice will be delivered to.
  5. Fill in the Meeting Spot box with a text description such as "1017 Fort St. Victoria BC" or a google maps link (https://g.page/bookfocal?share). You can find a location's google maps link by clicking the share button on Google Maps.
  6. Fill in the Memo box with a message to your customer such as: Thanks so much for booking your family session with me. I will send a follow-up email the day before your shoot. Please pay this invoice to reserve your booking! Looking forward to it!
  7. Click the Add Package button and select the package the customer is booking. It is important to note that a package's payment schedule setting determines whether a booking is upfront vs. 50/50 payment. A booking will automatically adjust depending on the payment schedule setting of the package.
  8. If the booking requires any discounts or add-ons, click the Add Line Item or Add Discount button. Next fill in the description and price of the line item or discount.

Review the booking information and click the Create Booking and Send Email button. This sends an email invoice to the customer to pay. You will get a copy of the invoice email sent to the photographer email that you signed up for Focal with.

  1. You will now see the booking you created in the booking manager. If you would like to view the booking as the customer would, click the Eye button.
  2. On the booking page, the customer can see a detailed summary of their booking and click on the package image to view the details and policies.
  3. When they're ready they simply click the pay with card button.

When the customer pays the booking invoice, the booking page will update to say Invoice Paid. Here is what their checkout will look like:

  1. You will  receive the booking confirmation email that the customer receives after they pay for the booking.
  2. On your Bookings tab in the photographer admin dashboard. You will see the booking status update to paid.