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"Day in the life" sessions also go by the names family photojournalism and documentary family photography. It is essentially candid photography of your life paired with the ethics and principles behind photojournalism. There is no posing, just living your life as you normally do while I'm there to photograph it. We'll spend time together at your home where your family can interact with each other and have some fun.




Typically I will arrive the evening before so I can meet you all and we can sort of "break the ice" before the picture-making begins. Having dinner together is a great way to do this. Then I'll sleep on your couch or anywhere you like. In the morning life will go on as normal except for one thing: I'll be there taking pictures! My approach is a discreet one so you'll soon forget I'm there.


6 Hours of Photography Coverage

50-75 Enhanced and Edited Digital High Resolution Images

Delivery of Final Images Within 30 Days

Personal Use License

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Anthony Thornton
San Francisco, CA
Anthony Thornton Photography

Hi there, I'm Anthony! Born in 1986, I grew up in New Hampshire. My interests in the arts began with the trumpet in the fifth grade. I stuck with it through high school but along the way developed a passion for drumming. After immersing myself in jazz music in high school I was accepted to the music conservatory at Purchase College where I earned my BFA in jazz performance. While at Purchase I studied abroad in Amsterdam. During my time in Holland I found myself more interested in taking photographs and documenting the world around me than locking myself in a practice room or even playing music with others. This experience affected me deeply and after graduating from college I decided to make a change and become a photographer. Becoming a photographer has been a slow and gradual process including apprenticing for established photographers, working as a newspaper photographer, and now blending photojournalism together with commercial client work. My ultimate goal is to make images that reflect reality and the truth behind the people in them. I approach my subjects humbly, allowing them to open up and be the best, true version of themselves.

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San Francisco, CA

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Albena Ilieva

San Francisco, CA Family Photographer

Albena Ilieva Photography's San Francisco Family Session (1 Hour)



Sessions take place in your home or anywhere in our beautiful Bay Area. As a parent myself, I know how to put you and your children at ease – when to make a joke, when to be patient, and when to disappear behind my camera. ​These sessions are joyful and fun! It may take a few minutes for your child to warm up to the idea of being photographed but don’t worry–a little patience and a funny face game is usually all that’s needed. Once the session starts moving along, I encourage parents to be relaxed and follow their kids’ lead. ​In fact, there are not many things that kids love more than their parents cuddling and playing with them and this makes for ​fantastic photos!

​All packages include phone consultation, during which you will share your vision, ask questions and we'll go over the session process in detail. You’ll receive a personalized gallery from the shoot and edited high-resolution photographs for download, available to create gifts, print or share with your friends and family.​ Focal Profile Photo


San Francisco Family Photographer

Justo's Holiday Family Session (1 Hour)



I believe in the magic of photography. A good photo or video is not just a beautiful art form, but it holds with it the memory of that time in your life.

You deserve holiday family photos that you can look back on and cherish for years. As your family photographer, my goal is to look for that spark of joy and connection, then preserve it for you.

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San Francisco Family Photographer

Snapshots by Sav's San Francisco Family Session



You deserve family photos that you can look back on and cherish for years. As your family photographer, my goal is to look for that spark of joy and connection, then preserve it for you. Whether it's your little one's first birthday, or your family's first time getting together and celebrating in a year, it's my pleasure to capture those moments for you.

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