Lachlan Shum

Founder and CEO, Focal

April 10, 2020

How I learned to code: 8 lessons from a non-technical founder

Since I can remember I always dreamed about building an iPhone app and launching it on the App store. But I always just had one little problem...I didn’t know how to code! Here are my 8 lessons for learning to code as a non-technical founder.
February 27, 2020

Why I built this

The story that made me so passionate about building Focal to help photographers and ultimately work to make the photography industry a better and fairer place.
April 20, 2020

Why Apple’s Keynote is a super awesome design tool disguised as presentation software

Our Focal team just finished an eight-month software development project building the latest iteration of our e-commerce and marketplace platform. We designed our whole project without any designers or UX developers. The magic tool? Apple’s Keynote.
March 30, 2020

Introducing the new Focal marketplace platform

We heard photographers wanted their own branding and control over managing their portfolio and packages. They also wanted the ability to talk to customers directly. We put those things at the top of our development list. This isn’t just a new website and some software. It speaks to our responsibility to always improve, our value for art, and our never-ending commitment to our photographers.
February 24, 2020

You aren't just buying photos!

To compare photographers based solely on the number of photos they offer is like comparing houses based solely on their square footage, or two meals based on their size. You're missing the good stuff!
February 24, 2020

4 steps to help you find your unique value as a photographer

You can’t be the perfect photographer for everyone. That’s just a fact. So instead, focus on what makes you special and convey that to customers.
March 11, 2020

10 tips for creating a photography portfolio and packages that customers want to book

At Focal, we believe passionately that a photographer’s website and their “packages” are the two most important touch points to show customers what makes you special as a photographer. Here are Focal’s 10 tips to help you build a photography portfolio and packages that customers want to book.
September 18, 2020

The biggest fix you can make to your photography portfolio

It’s almost always the first question customers ask: how much do you charge, and for how many photos? Like it or not, we’re a price-shopping bunch — and when we buy, we want to get the best deal. Thing is, it’s a terrible approach for photography. It’s just about reframing the conversation.

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